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Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Apartment Decor Update

So I did a little more work on some stuff for my apartment last night and I am really excited.
The first thing I did was recover one of my puppies old dog beds with fabric to match my bedroom colors. I didn't want them to look to mathcy, so I used different fabric than my bad, but I think they wil look so cute laying in their bed next to mine hehe

Then I took this LOVE sign I got ar Dollar Tree for $1 at Painted over it to make it more bright and fun to match my towel colors.

Then I realized I already had a few fun things in my room I can put to use in my new bathroom....
I have this little cuby thing that hangs on the wall. I got it at a garage sale for like $1.50 a while back and it was already painted this way.

Then I found this candle holder one of my highschool friends gave me for graduation and it even has a little heart on the front....so cute!!

So I am well on my way to getting ready for the big move...yay!!! ~Kendra~

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The Barb said...

That's so exciting! I'm hoping to move out on my own soon and you've inspired me to start scouring the thrift stores. not sure if you have one near you ,but value village will be 50% off monday bc of columbus day!!