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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rainy Sunday

So today I am just doing some crafting, homework and possibly watching some football. (Goota let the bf enjoy his fav sport hehe) This morning we went to breakfast at Golden Corall...they opened a little late and didn't have all the food ready yet, so we acctually got to eat free. Yay for yummy free food!! Then my bf went to bed, cus he works nights, and I watched some tv and hungout with the dogs. Then I headed to my apartment to do some crafts and homework. My apartment stuff for my new apartment in december is coming along great!! I'm so excited! On to the outfit....

Here's What I'm Wearing:
Funky tee-about $1.50 at Denton Thrift
Tank-$3 at Luxxi
Denim Skinnies-$7 at Rainbow
Flats-$1.50 at Dollar General
Headband-Gifted from Mom from Avon
Tan Cardi-$1 at Dollar Tree (I guess that dollar tree places thrifted stuff in there store...the cardi had the original $85 price tag on it and I got it at D.T. for $1...score!!)
LV Bag-Another huge score $16 at Denton Thrift
Not picture LV bag that hold my car keys and phone inside the big bag-$8 at Denton Thrift
Hope everyone's having a great weekend and hope it's sunny where ever you are!!! ~Kendra~


Mary said...

Great shoes! Even better deal on that bag-- love this look!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i'm not terribly crafty, other than making jewelry, so the closest i've come lately is buying a wrought-iron candleholder thing for the wall and i took the candles out and made the little votive things vases for live flowers instead ;P

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

Man, that bag is the best deal I've seen in a LONG time.