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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apartment Decor Update

So I have been finding alot of cute stuff for my apartment. I am also working on some fun crafts for my apartment too. Here goes:
In highschool, I made this fun purple pillow and I am going to use purple as an accent color in my room.

I love message board so I had a plain one lying around. I covered it with purple fabric from an old tanktop with some hot glue. Then I added a pink ribbon across the top and glued on 2 squared jewels.

To add some more bling I also added gems with hot glue to the taks as well.

Then for my dining room I got 2 gold coffee mugs (59cents each) and one big silver mug. I also got a cute gold serving platter to place somewhere (59cents). (All from Goodwill)

Then I got some flowers (20cents at Dollar General) for the vase ($1.50 at Goodwill). To add a fun touch I tied some pink ribbon around it with a bow and then place a crown pin on it.

Then I got some hot pink placemats (4 for 20cents each) and added silve gems on each conner to make them a little more glam. I think they look so cute!

Well, that's everything I have got so far. My next project is to recover my dogs beds in fabric that will match my decor. Their bed for my bedroom with have purple fabric and pink zebra fabric on it. Oh and I am also making fun b/w kitchen magnets and a 'LOVE' sign for my bathroom.
What are some fun DIY projects you've done for decor in your home? Or what a fav DIY for home decor that you have seen? ~Kendra~

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The Bargainista said...

dang girl! look at you with all your awesome cheap finds that look great! I can not wait to see it all together!! :)