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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Patterned Tights

So today I decided to try out some patterned tights. I ussually just wear plain tights, so I was a little nervous, but I did it...and I really like them :) I got lots of compliments from my co-workers on them too, which is always nice! Anyways, I wasn't feeling good (Dang allergies) this morning, but I forced myself to get out of bed and try to get dressed thinking it would make me feel better....and it acctually work. Once I got dressed and got going I was alright...thankgoodness!
Here's What I'm Wearing:
Grey top-Free from Mom's disgard pile lol
Black Sheath Dress-$24.99 at Cato
Black Tights-$4 at Walmart
Heels-$3.99 at Cato
Necklace-75cents at Goodwill
This outfit was easy to put together and was also pretty comfy...great for a rainy, allergy kind of day hehe ~Kendra~

1 comment:

Lesa said...

Are those tights argyle? I love them, have get some, Very cute outfit!

Always Summer