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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today I sported a few more amazing finds from this past weekend's Labor Day sales.....and I even got one part of my outfit in a place you'd never expect.  Dollar General!!  As I keep saying in every post this week, I went a little shopping crazy this past weekend.....so here are some more fruits of my shopping labor (Oh yeah, such tough work...lol)

Here's What I Wore:
Tan Blazer- Gifted from BF
Dress- $7 at Dollar General (Seriously...lol)
Black Tank- $5 at random store
Belt- $1 at Tralee Resale
Heels- $18 at Factory Outlet
Watch- $11.88 at Target
Bracelets- 6 for $5 at MIZ Accessories
Earrings- $8 at Boutique in Odessa
Outfit Total- About $52
Can you believe I got that dress from Dollar General?  Just proves my opinion that you should never rule out a certain place to shop and to be open minded....thrift stores, dollar stores...I'm happy to find a good deal anywhere!  Where's the craziest place you have found a good fashion deal?


Anonymous said...

Pretty!!....great Deals!

Lisa said...

Those shoes were a magnificient find. They look great and will go with so much.
That dress. OMG. This looks like you could have paid $100 for it at a higher end store...and I'd say that would be crazy when you can rock the same look for $7. Great job!