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Monday, September 17, 2012

Wild Monday

I have been sew crazy lately....altering all my old "too big now" clothes so that they fit once again.  So much fun and so incredibly wardrobe expanding.  This is one time when my inability to throw away/donate old clothes comes in handy....now that I am sewing again my wardrobe is expanding like wild fire thanks to the storage closet on my balcony full of old clothes.  Greatness!!!
Today I wore a blazer and tank that I altered to fit.  Originally the blazer was much longer, loose and the sleeves were much to baggy.  So I cute the blazer about 6inches and hemed the edges.  I then srunk the sleeves to be more fitted.  As far as the tank top goes...it was a size large, so I simply sewed down the side seams to make it a bit smaller. Have a look.....
Here's What I Wore:
Leopard Blazer- $4 at Thrift City
Yellow tank- $4 at Talbots
Black Skinny Slacks- $6.99 at the TV Fashion Outlet
Scarf- $3.99 at Old Navy
Earrings- $5 at Charming Charlies
Bracelets- 6 for $5 at MIZ Accessories
 Black Heels- $19 at random mall store
Outfit Total- About $49


Anonymous said...

Ughh i wish i knew how to use the sewing machine......good job!

Lisa said...

This outfits looks so great, Kendra. You did a wonderful job on your alterations. Now they're like brand new pieces!
I have a sewing machine, but no very minimal sewing experience. My attempts are very amateur and rarely turn out well. I have a bag of clothes I need to attempt working on. Practice, trial and error may be the key. And if they don't turn out, no great loss as they were cheaply thrifted. Your tips will be helpful.
Can't wait to see your next refashion projects.