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Sunday, August 19, 2012

30 Day Accessory Challenge: Day 29 & 30

Day 29:  Friday couldn't come soon enough...hehehehe  This was one of those weeks where the mornings flew by, but the afternoons dragged on and on.  You ever have those?? Plus (as you can see in the pic) it started getting rainy on Friday so my hair was out of control. lol  It didn't hold a curl at all...so annoying!!!  But all in all, friday was a good day, because I found out I am moving to Customer Care at my job which means I will be inputting and answering customer complaints.  I really love my job and I am so thankful it has had so much oppourtunity for growth and movement thus far.  I have been there a little over a year and have made my way from Customer Service, to the Escrow Department, to the Research Department and now Customer Care.  Good times...I'm so thankful to have a job I enjoy!!!! (HUGE BLESSING)

Here's What I Wore:
Cardi- $6.99 at Target in NE
Pink Top- $3 Thrifted
White Tank- $5 at Walmart
Skinnies- $12 at Ross
Sandals- $10 at Walmart
Earrings- Came with a jewelry set for $10 in Biloxi (so $5)
Bracelets- about $2 combo of Target and MIZ Accessories
Outfit Total: About $44
Day 30: Last day of the accessory challenge...woohoo, I made it through :-) As I have worn my jewelry I have put it into a big container to ensure I'm not tempted to wear it again, which means although I have gone for 30 days without wearing the same jewelry all those earrings and necklaces behind me haven't even been worn yet.  Yeah, I may have a jewelry obsession problem. hahaha
So Saturday I got to get a bit on the dressy side for my friend Corrine's bridal shower.  She's get to marry the love of her life in September, so we celebrated by giving her lots of cute lingere.   Good times!!!

Here's What I Wore:
Dress- $11.99 at Goodwill in Fredricksburg
Belt- $3.99 at Goodwill in Fredricksburg
Necklace- $5.99 at Charolette Rousse
Bracelets- About $4 at Target
Stud Earrings- $1 at Walmart
Wedges- $16.99 at Payless
Outfit Total: About $43
Accessory Challenge completed....woohooo!!!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Gorgeous dress you wore to the bridal shower. Love that belt with it. You have amazing jewelry. And a truckload of it! haha But I can see why at those great prices.
I especially like the Target cardi, pink top and white tank. Very pretty, soft colors.
Congrats on the move to Customer Care. It sure does make a huge difference when you like your job.