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Saturday, August 25, 2012

OOTD: Casual Friday with Sparkle

Here's What I Wore:
Army Green Blazer- $3 at Thrift City
Sparkle Top- $9 at Talbots Outlet
Jeans- $20 at Talbots Outlet
Wedges- $6 at Goodwill (With org tags from DSW)
Bracelets & Earrings- 6 for $5 at MIZ Accessories
Outfit Total- About $40
On a random note....in the comments someone asked me about MMA.  MMA is mixed martial arts.  I'm training in it, which includes boxing, kick boxing and Brazillian Jujitsu.  Right now Im focusing on boxing and kick boxing and am training at a professional gym.  4 days of training down and I am absolutely loving it.  I am a girlie-girl who never thought I would fight a day in my life, but since I have lost weight (Almost 70lbs total) I just have this feeling that I can do whatever I want....regardless of what I used to think or who I used to be.  I'm the new me, the more driven, daring me. (Not that I don't ever have days of self-doubt....don't we all?!)  My dad was so excited to hear about my new adventure....my mom was shocked.  hahaha
Whar do all of you do to workout and stay in shape?  Anything out of the norm for you or have you tried any new/exciting workout lately?


Lisa said...

Kendra, this is all so interesting and inspirational. How on earth did you decide to begin martial arts...being a girly girl and all. Most people would just go to the gym to an exercise class or treadmill, etc. You are really going for it! Were you athletic pre-weight loss?

Anonymous said...

Nice dress!!!.........awesome job with the weight loss!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us how it all started (the weight loss)? eating habits?...exercise routine? i had read before you were also doing the 30 day shred? or was it something else...can you do a post on that?