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Friday, March 20, 2009

Brace Face Is Back In Action

Well, I am finally feeling like getting dressed up and wearing makeup....I've been livivng in tshirts and pj pants the last week....my teeth are feeling good. Thanks to everyone who wished me luck :) Well, I got braces yesterday and drove to see my family right after that. So today I have been just hangin out with the family, so I wore something casual, but I wanted to wear pink to accent my hot pink braces hehe.
Here's what I'm wearing:

grey H&M sweater dress-$2.99 at Denton Thrift
Pink long tee-$7.99 at Cato (I got it yesterday)
Black tights-$5 at Walmart
Black Charolette Rousse Flats-$1.41 at Denton Thrift
Black necklace-$1 at Dollar Tree
2 pink beaded bracelets-99cents each at Goodwill in Vernon (One of my rest/shop stops every time I head home to see the fam)
Grey Old Navy bag-gifted from parents
Hot Pink Braces-Gifted from Parents....Thanks mom and dad!!!
Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend! ~Kendra~