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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Room Organization-Part 1:Necklaces

When you have tons of fun necklaces sometimes it can be hard to search through that drawer full and find the one you want to wear. There is an easy and afforadable way to fix that delima. You simply need to buy a wreath hanger. I bought 8 of them from Dollar General during the after Christmas sale for 90cents each. I also know walmart has them for $1 or $2. You simply hang the hanger from a shelf that has a raised edge, like the one in my dorm room. I also made it easier for myself by color coordinating. For example, all the pink necklaces here and all the black one on that hanger. It makes it easy to find necklaces that match your outfit. It also add color and fun to the area you hang them. If anyone has any other great ideas for organizing your necklaces let me know :) ~Kendra~

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