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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Savings Saturday on Wednesday hehe

Since this past weekend was crazy I didn't have a chance to do 'Savings Saturday,' so heres a little peak at what I got this past weekend. Well, all the bridesmaids and the brides went to Clinque to get their makeup done. Diana (aka The Bride) wanted me to buy the lipstick so I could reaply during the day. I was happy to do this since they had a free gift with purchase :) I bought the lipgloss and lipstick on the right and the rest of the stuff was included in the free gift(medium bag, small bag, lipstick, gloss, mascara, eye makeup remover and moisturizer). The yellow bottle is moisturizer. It is the most amazing stuff ever. I have dry skin because of Exima and this really helps!!! Also their lipstick and glosses are amazing. I def wanna get some more Clinque in the future. I ussually get stuff onsale at CVS hehe Or whatever my mom buys me when we go shopping, so it was nice to splurge on a little more expensive makeup on my own. :) ~Kendra~

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