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Monday, March 2, 2009

So this morning I didn't use my tripod because my roommate was still sleeping and I didn't wanna wake her with the flash and all the noise hehe So I took some pics in the hall outside our room. I wanted to be comfy and warm today...plus some pattern mixing. I've seen lots of animal print with stripes lately...so cute!!
Here's what I'm wearing today:
Black headband-$1 at Family Dollar
Funky necklace-50cents at Claires
b/w striped cardi-$2 at Goodwill
Leopard tee-95 cents at Platos Closet
Brown tank-$1 at Goodwill
Leopard Scarf as a belt-99cents at Goodwill
Black comfy pants-Mom didn't want em anymore, so theyre mine hehe
Brown bangle-50cents at Claires
Camel Uggs-$7 at Walmart (Last yr at end of season)
Welp, I gotta go to class...everyone have a great day!! ~Kendra~

1 comment:

ohthatgirl said...

So cute. I love the stripes and the animal prints together.