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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Time

Today I wanted to be comfy but cute, cus I have a dentist apt to get my teeth cleaned. Oh and did I mention that Friday I get my wisdom teeth out and the following thursday I get braces. Ahhh its crazyness for my mouth lol. Anyways, I had a mega huge fear of the dentist till I started seeing the one I go to now...hes amazing!! Anyways, I just have class, the dentist apt and running a few errands, so today will be full but not to busy!
Here's what I'm wearing today:
Brown tanktop-$1 at Goodwill
half sweater-95 cents at Platos closet (Bag sale)
floral top-95cents at Platos Closet
Pearl necklace-thrifted
brown bracelets-50cents at Claires
Darker pearl bracelet-in a set for 50cents at claires
whiter pearl bracelet-gifted
jeans-$? at Cato
TH flipflops-$15
purse-$1 at Family thrift
Well, its time to head to class :) ~Kendra~


J said...

I came across your blog recently and I'm really enjoying it! I'm jealous of your thrift store finds, my city has tons of expensive vintage stores but not much in the way of actual thrift.

Kate (a.k.a. Mrs. Makeover) said...

Good luck at the dentist! you'll be fine. I think the hardest part is the fear, and once you get past that you'll be fine.

One tip that has helped me: If your dentist is going to write you a pain prescription, see if you can get it filled when you go in. Example, if a friend is taking you to get your wisdom teeth out, see if she can drop it off at the pharmacy for you while you're getting the work done.

That way, you can get your meds right away!

Milly said...

cute outfit....the lining on your bag is cute too
on your last post i wrote saying i received the goodies...love it...thank you