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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Savings Sunday

So thursday my mom and I decided to go shopping, since I probably wouldn't feel like it friday or saturday after my wisdom teeth and all that. We went to the mall and I got some great cheap finds :) I got some fake Chanel earrings, one pair is pink and ones pink and orange for $2.99 each. They look like the ones pictured except have a smaller CC above the big CC, its really cute!! Then I got a pink and white zebra cell phone cover for my phone...so cute! My mom bargained with the guy and we got it for $10. Yay!! I also got some cute purple suede flats from Wal Mart for $9. Some black flats from Denton Thrift for about $3 and a grey sweater from Denton Thrift for $1.49. Welp, hope everyones having a good weekend. Im just so glad it's Spring Break!!! ~Kendra~

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