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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Typical College Student

So today I just woke up and wanted to get ready quick...I hadn't layed my clothes out last night, cus I didnt feel good...dang allergies....and I knew I was gonna be mega busy today, so I just threw on the college student look. May not be so stylish, but it sure is comfy and hopefully I made it cute :)
Here's what I'm wearing today:
Pink TWU Hoodie-Gifted from Dad last time he came to visit
Blue tee-Free from sorority
Dark Denim-$10.49 at Old Navy
Tennis Shoes-$13 at Walmart (They r sooo comfy!)
Headbands-Package for $1 at Dollar Tree
Pink/orange bag-got it in exchange for one of those why did I get that purchases hehe
Well thats about it, hope everyone has a great week...and yay its half over :) ~Kendra~

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